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The growth of electronic communication has led to a decline in direct mail marketing campaigns. But marketing analytics show that it’s still a vital communication vehicle—particularly when integrated with other communication methods. Connecting with customers across multiple channels increases brand recognition and brand value, keeps your company top-of-mind, grows customer affinity and retention, and helps your company capture increased market share.

It also increases customers’ value to your company. According to the Direct Marketing Association, companies who communicated with customers across two channels increased customers’ value by 20-60% and those who communicated with them across three channels saw value increase by 60-125%.

Of all available communication strategies, excepting face-to-face conversations, direct mail is still the most tactile and sure way to get in front of your customers. It leads to the highest number of conversions: USPS reports that 98% of consumers bring their mail in the day it is delivered and 77% sift through it immediately. It’s flexible and effective, and is the most measurable form of marketing.

Successful marketing depends upon reaching the target market, effectively communicating the message, and monitoring the results. Direct mail is a vital part of any communication strategy.

Datapage’s direct mail fulfillment services take a holistic approach. We’re not in the business of printing more, but of helping you and your marketing team effectively communicate with your customers and generate more revenue. Our direct mail services will help you reduce risk and operating costs (equipment, payroll, overtime, inventory, energy, postage, reporting, and security), get paid faster, print less, and lower your collection costs—whether you choose to purchase our mail fulfillment services only or combine them with other services we offer.

Through Datapage’s direct mail services, you will receive:

  • Access to our team of highly trained direct mail specialists.
  • A customized direct mail plan for your company.
  • An e-bill conversion plan for customers, increasing bill payment rates.
  • Strong, cohesive statement and envelope designs and customer-centered messaging, educating and motivating customers; reinforcing communication and branding; boosting cross-selling and up-selling potential; and maximizing marketing efforts.
  • World-class printing in black and white, full-color, highlight, MICR.
  • Inserting and selective inserting, providing cost-effective one-to-one marketing and flexibility, and improving impact.
  • Presorting to provide the best possible postage rates.
  • Commingling to place statements with perfect name and address match or exact address match into one envelope, reducing postage costs.
  • Validation or correction of addresses using CASS Certification and the NCOA database.
  • Use of Intelligent Mail Barcodes on all mail, improving deliverability and qualifying your company for automation prices.
  • Secure inventory and storage of all mail pieces, eliminating the need for an in-house inventory management system and associated costs.

Direct mail is an important component of any strong marketing plan. Make sure it’s working as hard for you and your company as it can be. Contact Datapage to learn more about how our direct mail services stand out from others’ and to get a free quote.

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