Mail Fulfillment


Postage is usually companies’ largest billing expense. Datapage’s proprietary direct mail software changes that.

Our software is CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified. That means USPS evaluated our software’s address matching and correction process and found it met USPS standards for quality. It also means we worked with USPS to ensure our ZIP+4, carrier route, and five-digit coding is as accurate as possible.

With our CASS Certified software, you’re company will obtain maximum postage savings as we check and correct addresses on your mailing lists, and apply ZIP+4 or barcode data to mail pieces prior to sending.

It also means your company:

  • Can automate its mail process.
  • Doesn’t need to obtain CASS Certification.
  • Can be confident that mail will be delivered quickly to the correct addresses.
  • Stays in compliance with USPS requirements (which requires all automated mail to be CASS certified three months prior to mailing).

Datapage’s CASS Certified software can benefit companies in a variety of ways. Contact Datapage to learn more about one-time list review options, packages, or to discuss the savings Datapage can offer if you work with us to handle all of your mail fulfillment needs.

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