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Certified Mail

Occasionally, companies need to send valuable or precious documents or resources via mail. When these times come, Datapage’s Certified Mail Solution, provides peace of mind.

Certified Mail Solution is a cost-effective, convenient, and web-based tool that tracks delivery and uploads electronic return receipts within minutes of recipients signing for their mail. Receipts are stored, eliminating the need to expend resources, like managing and archiving physical green cards.

Unique logins are available for members of your team, and may be used on mobile devices or computers.

With Datapage’s certified mail solution, your company will have the peace-of-mind you want without the headaches associated with managing and archiving physical green cards.

Other benefits include:

  • Confidence of delivery to recipients.
  • Convenience of digital confirmation and archiving system that can be understood and accessed by more than one person.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that receipts will no longer be misplaced and can be easily accessed, when needed.

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