Text Marketing

You’ve likely heard it: mobile use is on the rise. In 2014, more people accessed the Internet using mobile devices than computers. That tipping point means if your company isn’t using an integrated communication strategy that includes text messaging, you’re going to be left behind.

Mobile users expect a high degree of customization, communication, and easy access to information on their handheld devices.

Datapage’s CMM Suite and uDeliver products give your company the cutting edge in integrated communication strategies. Our text marketing capabilities allow you to reach your customers anytime, anywhere, giving them easy access to bills, invoices, and other documents they request. And, the best part is, it can all be automated and integrated into your current workflow in less than 10 minutes. Our SMS text messaging portal offers:

  • Customizable templates and the option to create text messages from scratch.
  • Auto-populating fields including first name, bill amount, bill due date, bill statement link, and dozens of others to personalize text messages.
  • Direct link to online bill payment portal, making it easy for your customers to pay and increasing bill pay rates.
  • Validation of legal conformity of messages and access to information on legal requirements and regulations so you don’t have to pay a lawyer to review messages prior to sending.
  • Customer segmentation based on criteria you select.
  • Scheduling to automate communication, sending based on date or selected customer criteria.
  • Reports to review delivery rates, read rates, click-through rates, and more.

Clients rave about our text messaging system. They’ve found that text marketing helps them secure new customers, increase response rates, and improve customer receivables—and that our portal delivers all of this and more.

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