Multi Channel

Today, quality customer service is synonymous with electronic presentment and communication. It’s what customers expect: quick, convenient, and customized communication to meet their individual needs. It’s also a no-brainer for companies, if done well—increasing response rates, productivity, customer retention, and revenue.

There are many electronic presentment and communication solutions out there. Some are better than others. How do you know which ones can deliver high value and peak performance? Simple. Do they have flexibility, offer interface and bill pay integration, provide customizable options, and offer archival capabilities? Do they offer state-of-the-art encryption security? Do they support their product, eliminating the need for costly and extensive custom programming or administrator intervention?

Our electronic presentment and communications management tool, Datapage CMM Suite, delivers all of these and more.

With Datapage CMM Suite, you’ll be providing your company and B2B clients a brand-customizable, fully-integrated customer communications management portal and payment solution. The suite features HTML email, SMS text messaging, and Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR) capabilities; integrates with companies’ existing job tracking portals and online reporting and document archiving databases; and supports online payment processing. It also offers secure, cloud-based electronic presentment—including online bill access, reporting, document archiving, and payment processing—all of which can be easily accessed from customers’ computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

The result? Automation of manual tasks, reduced production costs, increased customer satisfaction, and increased timely bill pay rates. At the end of the day, integrating electronic presentment and customer communication processes means increased ROI and stronger brand equity for your company and B2B clients. That turns into serious value long-term.

Stand above the rest of your competition. Give your company and B2B clients market edge power by considering the Datapage CMM Suite

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