IVR Marketing

In today’s world, Americans can survive without text messaging. We can even survive without a permanent address and mailbox. But it’s next to impossible to survive without a phone.

Phones provide access to support systems, housing, and job opportunities. They are the basic communication vehicle.

Most, if not all, of your customers use phones. That means, to boost sales, retention, customer follow-through, and bill payment rates, your company should be calling them. Or calling them back, when they call you asking for information. But doing so takes significant time and company resources.

Cut down on call center volume, direct mail processing and postage, and increase company efficiency by adopting Datapage’s Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR) solution. Datapage’s IVR solution:

  • Expands your marketing reach with automated touchpoints, increasing customers’ brand affinity, inviting their feedback, and prompting bill pay follow-through.
  • Offers a convenient, easy-to-use IVR Editor, giving you the ability to customize messages and delivery options, and upload call lists.
  • Provides an individualized phone call experience for customers, with prompts and options to confirm appointments, initiate payments, or provide feedback.
  • Cross-references prospects’ numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry and automatically removes those that should not be called.
  • Supports multiple languages and voice options, providing a personal experience for customers.

The medium is essential to customers. The results are clear. If your company is going to prioritize and champion one communication channel this year, make it IVR.

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